Grace B. Opdyke

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College Search and Application

College Graduation

Parents and students alike find the college search and application process overwhelming.  As early as the sophomore year, a student might need direction as to what courses he or she should be taking in high school and what summer opportunities might be available to enhance a college application. While a high school's Counseling Department provides valuable advice, many families prefer the more individualized experience provided by Grace B. Opdyke Educational Services. Grace and members of her qualified staff are available for private college counseling.  These sessions, which are available for parents, students or families, provide direction in creating a comprehensive college list, choosing appropriate high school courses, writing strong, unique college essays and completing impressive applications.  At GBO, we love helping our students to find and gain acceptance to the perfect fit university and we are proud of the success stories that many of our past students have shared with us. We would be thrilled to be a part of your student’s road to college from the basic strategies to finding the right schools. Please contact us to start the journey!