Meghan Pass

Meghan Pass earned her B.A in English and Secondary Education from Neumann University. She taught English in the traditional classroom setting for nine years. During that time, she taught students ranging from grades 6-10. She returned to work at her alma mater in 2020 as an Academic Coach, a role in which she partners with university students as an academic support person for the duration of the semester. This role highlights her skills of helping students identify academic obstacles and working with them to create plans of action, unique to their individual needs, to achieve their academic goals. She believes that honest and encouraging partnerships like these create the most viable atmosphere for student growth and success.
Her experiences as an educator in a wide variety of grade levels have provided her with knowledge that helps prepare students according to the expectations at the next stage of their education. She is a firm believer that the benefits of having strong comprehension and writing skills extend far beyond the English classroom and curriculum, and, like much else, require frequent exposure and practice in order to be the best that we can be!

Meghan Pass

English/Reading 6-12, College Essay, Summer Reading

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