Grace B. Opdyke

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The College Search: A Workshop for Parents

Amazingly, a teenager’s college preparation begins the day he or she enters high school. Students should be taking strong course loads, maintaining good grades, participating in school activities and looking ahead to possible college majors.  The college search and application process begins in earnest at the beginning of the eleventh grade; however, it is probably best to begin planning as early as sophomore year.

This informative session is geared to parents of high school sophomores and juniors. It is designed to give parents a timeline for the college search and application process.  The timeline developed will include: when to take the required standardized tests, when to begin the initial search, when to visit schools, when to start applications and when to write those all- important college essays. Other topics, such as how to best present oneself to a college and scholarship availability, will also be covered.  Additionally, a licensed financial advisor will be present to discuss ways to make college affordable, including strategies to obtain and maximize financial aid. Handouts that will serve as excellent conversation catalysts for parents and their children will be provided.  Parents will be directed to important websites and many other complementary sites to aid in the college search.

Groups will be limited to 5 families and no more than 2 representatives per family so that all questions can be addressed.  Ample time will be allotted for individual questions and concerns regarding all of the included topics.

Upcoming Workshop: Monday June 12, 2017 6:00 - 9:00

COURSE FEE: For one or both parents $75.