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HSPT Class

12 hours of small group instruction


Course fee:

Catholic High School Entrance/Scholarship Exam
Eighth grade students planning to attend an archdiocesan or private catholic high school must take scholarship or entrance tests. Most schools in the Philadelphia area administer the HSPT exam, created by the Scholastic Testing Service. Advanced preparation for these tests can help to increase a child’s scores, build self-confidence, and eliminate test anxiety.

The course covers general test taking skills, specific information for the HSPT exam format, math skills, reading comprehension skills, language skills, and a significant amount of vocabulary.

The course consists of twelve hours of instruction with your choice of eight 1.5 hour session, or four 3 hour sessions.

Class Code
2023 TDB
2023 TBD
2023 TBD
2023 TBD

Materials will be emailed a few days prior to class. The teacher will email the virtual class link the evening before class begins. You will need to purchase the HSPT Prep book—Peterson's Master the Catholic High School Entrance Exam—for class.





If a student cannot make a group session, we do our best to provide an opportunity for the student to make up that missed session with another group. If there are no available group options, however, private make up sessions for missed classes will be provided at our regular hourly rate. There are no refunds for missed classes. To cancel, please email the teacher or send us a message through our About > Contact page.


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