Tara Henry

Tara Henry earned her undergraduate degree in Speech Communication from Shippensburg
University in 1993. Prior to teaching in schools, she worked in training and development for
businesses. She has been an elementary educator for the past 13 years. After earning her
educator’s license in 2009, she spent 5 years as a 3rd grade teacher at Redd School, a private
school in Houston, TX. Over the past 8 years, Ms. Henry has continued to teach 3rd grade in
the highly rated Williamson County Tennessee public schools.
Ms. Henry is passionate about taking the fear and anxiety out of school. She looks forward to
having fun and inspiring students to build confidence in their own unique abilities. She wants
students to feel secure in the classroom and understand that it is okay to make mistakes
because so much can be learned from them. She believes a strong foundation at the
elementary level is vital to future success. Her experience in communicating and collaborating
allows her to tailor lessons to meet the needs of students while maximizing time and focus on
their areas of interest. Ms. Henry has extensive experience in working to empower ADD/ADHD
students and has attended multiple training and symposiums on the subject matter. She
empowers students to persevere while teaching them they are more than a test score. While
Ms. Henry is qualified to tutor in all elementary subjects, her specialty is in teaching elementary
mathematics. She finds working from a concrete level of understanding to a pictorial level, to an
abstract level is beneficial to building and sustaining self-confidence. Ms. Henry is also an ESL
certified teacher.

Tara Henry

Elementary Reading and Mathematics

Test Prep